3D Visualization of the Cenacle in Jerusalem

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An APAC lab team of The Cyprus Institute, in collaboration with The Israel Antiquities Authority, participated in the documentation and consequent creation of a 3D model of the complex known as The Cenacle, in Jerusalem, including The Room of Last Supper and the Tomb of King David.

According to the Christian tradition, the Cenacle was a place in which the apostles continued to gather after the Last Supper, and it was also the site where, on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit alighted upon the apostles. The 3D digital model of the Cenacle, with its three distinct areas, was created to help conservators, archaeologists, and art historians to further investigate and uncover the many unknown aspects of this building, that holds great historical and religious importance.

© APAC  A 3D point cloud of the interior space.

The project allows also the broader public to remotely explore its spaces. “I wanted to be a part of the process of unfolding hidden stories,” Sorin Hermon, leading this effort on behalf of the APAC team, mentioned in a recent interview with Rome Reports. “It is part of what the research of heritage is all about—to give meaning in the present to things of the past.”

You can explore the 3D version of the Cenacle for yourself here: 3D Visualization of the Cenacle in Jerusalem

Explore the Rome Reports coverage of the project here: Digital version of the Last Supper room makes Holy Land available to all

©  APAC A 3D point cloud showing the structure of the complex.

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