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The Europa Nostra 2021 awards took place the last week of May, featuring tons of fantastic European cultural heritage projects.

While we are sure you all tuned in, like the Oscars, watching what heritage managers wore this year, we’d like to share some of the initiatives that drew our attention. Starting with Archaeology at home, by DigVentures, sharing the award in the Category: Education, Training and Awareness-raising Projects.

What is Archaeology at home?

DigVentures embraced covid19 as an opportunity to make public archaeology available to all, virtually and physically.

Hosting a digital platform for kids, the family and heritage amateurs where they learn step by step “How to do Archaeology”.

Their field activity school is a video course of six weeks, including an introduction to archaeology essentials, virtual site tours and workshops. The program is available at multiple levels for both adults and kids and saw a great and diverse response with almost 2000 primary school children with their guardians participating from 11 countries. Complementing this activity,  DigVentures rebranded as a digital conference their annual DigNation festival, with great success and turn out.

What is DigVentures?

DigVentures is a non-profit organisation in the United Kingdom that since 2012 launches archaeological research projects with an emphasis on community participation. They have brought numerous innovations to cultural management, not just through their use and promotion of public archaeology but also in fundraising and adoption of digital tools.

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If you are interested we hope to share a few of the other laureates as well. Tell us who you want to hear about!

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