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The ARMA “The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages” project brings several activities to students and educators using digitised medieval literature. The project created educational and editorial content from manuscript collections in Europe.

The project brings to light the impact of medieval reading culture through 20000 items as manuscripts and books from c.500 to c.1500 enriching the collection on Europeana.

Furthermore, the project offers tools for primary, secondary and post-secondary education. These include learning scenarios, video series and interactive activities educators can apply to their curricula.

Some of our favourite activities are:

The project features much more exciting content and free educational resources and recommendations. In addition, you can view the online exhibition!

Our take

ARMA brings remarkable resources to educators and makes strides to popularise interest in medieval literature. Their resources are free to use and immediately accessible online.  Moreover, the project features tools for digitisation, engagement and recommendations. We highly recommend you explore their website, and if you are an educator implement these fun learning activities.

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The Art of Reading in the Middle Ages: Europeana Data Model Specifications 

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