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citizenHeritage project employs crowdsourcing and co-creation tools to examine some of Europe’s largest open digital collections to encourage citizen science in cultural heritage.

Enhances the notion of European citizenship by facilitating stakeholder communities’ sharing of responsibility for their heritage. In addition to advocating an open approach to otherness and a European community spirit that transcends regional and national differences,

In crises such as climate change and pandemics, convincing examples of successful implementation of credible exemplary projects have demonstrated the importance of citizen engagement appeal and engagement via digital channels. Despite this, community involvement in scientific research is not explored to the fullest extent.

CitizensHeritage applies citizen science principles to cultural heritage, where the digital realm facilitates wider audience engagement and community-building opportunities.

The project will cater to researchers in the field of Cultural Heritage, including PhD and Master students in relevant fields, to train them about embracing citizen participation, digital crowdsourcing, and co-creation to induce, govern, and leverage citizen participation, digital crowdsourcing, and co-creation. Students will apply these methods and activities to make sustainable and economically viable decisions in engaging citizens. To maximize efficiency, students will map and evaluate current practices in terms of their educational value and user-friendliness.

In addition, the project will utilize large European digital collections to explore and test new methods and activities that will enhance cultural diversity’s relevance and power.

As part of the project, other stakeholder communities will be engaged, including casual culture enthusiasts and non-specialized citizens of the EU.

Our Take

The CitizensHeritage project is a special project that uses technology to involve people in learning about European culture and history. Encouraging interest from people in helping take care of their cultural heritage. Everyone to work together, setting differences aside and by using technology, more people can get involved and share these ideas. Teaching students and researchers how to use technology to engage people and make good decisions will ensure continuity and cement the practice in the field.

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