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The Climate Museum UK curates and gathers responses to the crisis facing the planet, a Community Interest Company (CIC) comprised of a collective of creatives from across the UK and an increasing number of associates with their own collections and activities in several fields.

The Museum and its associates arrange activations to open people’s imaginations to potential futures and build skills to engage others with these issues:

Activation for public audiences: Each individual has a collection of artworks, games, curious objects, and books that can host activities for any venue type. The team is constantly growing, extending its reach across England and the wider UK.

Activation for professionals and teams: Workshops for teams in organisations and networks to respond to the Earth’s crisis.

Projects: Partnership projects and learning resources, such as Imagine Futures, and Ecologies in Practice with Goldsmiths.

Digital museum: Having a digital presence on Pinterest and projects such as Everyday Ecocide and Extreme Weather Stories.

Advocacy: The collective’s members are activists and advocates creating initiatives such as Museums for Future, Lost Species Day, Culture Declares Emergency, Artists for Ecocide Law, and the United for Biodiversity Coalition.

Moreover, they offer talks, training, mentorship, coaching, and digital and social media campaigns.

Our Take

Climate Museum UK and its associates engage people with climate issues by running activities that open their eyes to possible futures, utilising their associates’ varied collections. The activities are multiple and diverse reaching a wide range of audiences.

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Climate Museum UK

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