Common European data space for cultural heritage

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The European Commission published a recommendation on the creation of a common European data space for cultural heritage urging Member States to digitise their cultural heritage assets with the aim to digitise all monuments by 2030. Europeana is at the heart of this initiative sharing digitised materials across museums and cultural heritage institutions.

The data space is under the Digital Europe Programme, with 18 partners to foster it. The data space will share digitised cultural heritage and metadata augmenting its audience use to researchers, teachers and anyone interested in culture.

What is in stock for next year by Europeana:

  1. Expand the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (Europeana DSI) and research new aggregation models. Collaborate with the Data Spaces Support Center to exchange information with the 13 data spaces of the EU Commission and relevant initiatives.
  2. Increase the amount of high-quality data emphasising 3D
  3. Training tools for professionals and outreach to education, research, creative industries and tourism.
  4. Development of the Europeana website and promote storytelling to engage audiences with cultural heritage.

Europeana Aggregators’ Forum outreach event

On 15 December 2022 Europeana organises an event demonstrating the role of aggregators and cultural heritage institutions in the collection and maintenance of new content within the common European data space. The event will showcase the aggregation process offering the ” practicalities, challenges and opportunities when collecting and providing content to Europeana”.

Our take

Common European data space for cultural heritage is a promising initiative with many benefits for cultural heritage, institutions involved and the people. The data space will promote the digitisation of innumerable cultural heritage items safeguarding them for future generations. Furthermore, through the data space cultural heritage education, tourism and research will provide new exciting projects. The data space will also facilitate collaboration among cultural actors across Europe. We can’t wait to see more from this project!

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