Conference: Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity and Uncertainty

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Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity and Uncertainty” is a one-day conference that takes place on 24 May 2024 in Lisbon. It brings together different perspectives on the interaction between creative practices and digital technologies, with special emphasis on the implications of AI for contemporary art, and strives to create a platform for interdisciplinary discussions. The University of Nova Lisboa, Universidade de León (Spain), and the Institute for Art History are jointly organizing this conference. 

The deadline for registration is 5 May 2024. 

The conference’s concept note discusses computational tools such as algorithms and AI, which are becoming increasingly important in cultural production, buying, selling, and validating artworks in a digital world. As technology advances, machines may soon be able to make their own decisions and produce new creative forms without being directly influenced by humans. An entire synthetic creative system is on its way. 

The use of technology today is naturalized as neutral and unstoppable, favourable to all. With images everywhere and never-ending streams of data available, the need for reflection is more urgent than ever. 

It is still possible to see art as a necessary counterpart to technology, one that works with it to reflect on its benefits and how it might be employed.

The widespread use of software tools and apps makes us trust technology while interacting with the real world. Search engines guide us through the Internet, its platforms, and databases, letting us see virtual digital things. However, this use raises several important questions that the conference plans to address: 

“How are they programmed? By whom? To see what?

 Are we finally entering a new art ecosystem where artists are as replaceable as images? 

Are we becoming immersed in a new mechanized and financialized art system where artworks can be rapidly produced, consumed, and wasted? Can human creativity survive in this context? 

Can machines learn how to make art?

Our Take

We make an effort to include discussions on AI evolution and its impact on art and cultural heritage as much as we do with AI tools and applications. We strongly believe that the best way for developing technologies and the creative sectors to jointly move forward is through interdisciplinary discussions such as this conference: “Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity, and Uncertainty,” or the 2023  AI and Ethics in academic research. Especially given the rate of technology expansion, regulation is very difficult to establish and at times counterproductive. 

It is only through dialogue that we can find common ground.

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Towards an Automated Art? Learning Machines, Human Creativity and Uncertainty


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