Curated Reading List: April 2021

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Your Curated Reading List for April is here, tons of interesting stuff took place this month from articles, to webinars, to conferences and more, so we tried to just share with you only our favourites- and they are still tons-!

Museums and New Business Models. Read article here

Where do museums fit in the ever-shifting idea of home? Read article here 

Has the drop in visitors changed museums forever? Listen to the podcast here  

Colin Mulberg Q&A: How museums and heritage attractions can reconnect with the public post-lockdown. Read article here 

Going viral, the right way: what it’s like running the world’s best museum social media accounts during a pandemic. Read article here 

Sensing the Unseen: At home. Read article here 

Download and 3D-Print 18,000 Artifacts from Art History through Scan the World. Read the article here.

NFTs Weren’t Supposed to End Like This.  Read article here 

A BRIEF HISTORY OF STUFF by the Science Museum. Listen to the podcast here 

Egypt parades 22 royal mummies through streets of Cairo. Read article here or this article‘s take on the event.  After you read it/them let us know where you stand as

Here at Local Approach we are a wee bit divided regarding Cairo, on the one hand creating a modern procession provides an engaging approach to heritage and active connection to the past, on the other hand 22 nitrogen filled tanks parading around the city is every health and safety officers nightmare. What do you think? 

Google Earth’s historical 3D time lapses show the ravages of climate change. Read article here 

Mosul Cultural Museum rises from the ravages of Isis. Read article here 

Cairo’s palatial museum full of Impressionist treasures—closed for a decade after a Van Gogh was stolen—finally reopens to the public. Read article here

-We know it’s a lot,  you will probably check them all by the next reading list in May. See you soon!

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