Curated Reading List: May 2021

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Your Curated Reading List for May is out, we hope your allergies are out with it. Seriously 2021 has zoomed by -pun intended- but we are glad to see that even through the pandemic cultural actions and innovations do not falter 

Here is our selection of articles and resources we found throughout the month:

ICOMOS- Heritage Thursdays Webinar Series l Webinar 1: People-Centred Approaches to Cultural Heritage. Watch Webinar here

HERITAGE-PRO: A Fresh Perspective on Training for Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Skills. Read article here.

London museums join augmented reality art trail to tempt visitors back after reopening. Read article here. 

‘The Colosseum is the last thing I would spend money on’: experts angry over plans for €15m floor at Italy’s most famous site. Read article here.

This Is What 7 Palaces Around The World Looked Like In Their Prime Before Falling Into Ruins. Read article here.

‘A vast underwater museum’: Greece plans to open shipwrecks and other submerged heritage sites for visitors to explore. Read article here.

Belgian farmer accidentally moves French border.  Read article here. -THIS was honestly one of the funniest things to happen this month, and also demonstrates the importance of knowing your local heritage!( so you know, you don’t just change a country’s border by moving an inconspicuous stone)

What it’s like to visit museums now—and how Covid-19 has fundamentally changed them long term. Read article here.

Cultural Heritage and OBIA, Giuliana Bilotta, Rossella Nocera, Pier Matteo Barone. Read paper here. 

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