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Digital Heritage Hub addresses the digital questions of small and medium-sized organisations through its website.   Broken down into four themes Digital Engagement, Digital Content, Digital Leadership and Digital Planning.

During the pandemic, cultural institutions embraced digital strategies to sustain their institutions, as visiting museums were not available with ticketing, a vital income source being obsolete. Small heritage organisations lacked the digital capacity to undertake new activities. Digital Heritage Hub provides answers to pressing questions helping the sector overcome these issues and helping small organisations to keep up with current digital trends.

Here is an overview of the themes

Digital Engagement

This theme covers digital engagement activities, starting with marketing and communications, tools such as websites, email and social media, analytics, visitor data and segmentation. Following fundraising and eCommerce and hosting online events and activities. The theme also includes recruitment and working with digital volunteers as well as accessibility, inclusion and sustainability.

Digital Content

The theme focuses on the creation of quality social media content, collection digitisation and more. This section offers how-to guides, toolkits, videos and podcasts. Furthermore, best practices and legal and ethical considerations are available.

Digital Leadership

The theme guides organisations in strategic objectives in adopting new technologies and enabling more efficient work practices, transforming the existing structure. Introducing diversity and inclusion and staff development.

Digital Planning

This theme pertains to adopting new systems, software and applications that support the organisation’s operations. New business models and plans, new digital services and using data in decision making are part of the theme. Moreover, according to the regulatory frameworks, the theme addresses how digital technology can help the organisation become more sustainable environmentally.

Our take

Digital Heritage Hub is a must for digital learning in heritage organisations; the Q&A format and languages allow for fast and effortless understanding of digital development concepts and methodologies. The themes are expertly divided and can help address the individual needs of each instituion. We recommend adding Digital Heritage Hub to your toolkit today!

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