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111 Places is a series of guidebooks with locations internationally, with an emphasis on the UK, North America and Europe.  They feature about 500 titles in multiple languages, notably German, Italian, English, and French. Their guides give you a local perspective and are usually city-oriented written by long-time residents.

The series recently published “111 Dark Places in England That You Shouldn’t Miss” by Dr Philip Stone of The Institute for Dark Tourism Research (iDTR). We mention their work and an outline of dark heritage and dark heritage tourism in our article Dark heritage, a reintroduction.  In a nutshell, dark heritage is places and objects associated with painful history or tragedy. Due to their history and association, this type of heritage does not often receive the same level of attention and care as other heritage typologies.

Dr Stone’s work as well as many initiatives in cultural sectors lead the way to popularise and improve the management and promotion of dark heritage.  This guide communicates the values of dark heritage and helps discover new places outside the touristic norm.

Our take

Heritage promotion and communication is one of the main aspects of heritage management. Museums and sites are part of many tourist guides however many small museums or places of heritage significance you get to meet by living in a city. 111 places offer an insider approach to visiting places and their new series “111 Dark Places in England That You Shouldn’t Miss” presents a new avenue for dark heritage tourism, and perhaps for more heritage specific guides to come.

If you live in the UK and get a chance to visit the listed places, let us know which are your favourites!

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111 Dark Places in England That You Shouldn’t Miss

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