eCHOIng: universities working with cultural heritage organisations

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eCHOIng “Recovery of cultural heritage through higher education-driven open innovation” is a European Funded project finding ways for universities to work with small and medium-sized cultural heritage organisations (CHOs) and reach their potential to contribute to the recovery of the cultural and creative sector (CCS) from COVID-19.


The project uses a vast range of related research fields: “Cultural Studies, (Art) History, Memory Studies, Digital Humanities, Cultural Economics, and Software Engineering” for Cultural Heritage higher education (HE) staff and students through hacktivism, digital crowdsourcing, and co-creation, participants learn how to incite, govern, and leverage open innovation interventions. 

As a result of these activities and methods, students learn how to make sustainable and economically viable decisions when pursuing open innovation projects to benefit cultural heritage. Economic and social sustainability criteria are mapped and critically assessed by eCHOIng to optimise efficiency.


The project has an open-access publication examining the role of higher education in revitalising European cultural organisations through open innovation.

Hacktivism (for Museums and his collaborations):

1) Hack yourself into Danish culture

2) Guide your Guide

Maker culture (spaces), (for HEIs, NGOs and small CHOs collaborations):

3)TYPA Printing and Paper Museum

Innovation Labs (for small CHOs, and NGOs in collaboration with students from HEIs):

4)DISTILL project

Crowdsourcing platforms (For all APs):

5)Art, Pluriverse

Citizen science (For Libraries, Small Museums):

6)Who is a Citizen Scientist?

7)Examples of Digital Action inside and beyond

universities during the pandemic, Heidi Project

8)Knitters’ Replica Club

9) PROJECTS – HERitage Management e-Society

10) Memory in the present-The covid-19 File.

Furthermore, the project has presented us with a  “Draft methodology to be used for collaborative projects“, Open Innovation Guide and 6 Online Modules :

Module 1: Open Innovation in academia-society Cooperation: examples of cultural heritage preservation in a crisis situation

Module 2: Datafication of Collections: Opportunities for Innovation in the Novel European Data Space for Cultural Heritage

Module 3: Development of an Open Innovation approach through the co-creation of Immersive Virtual Heritage applications

Module 4: Craft as an empowering tool for community and cultural heritage

Module 5: Diversity, Inclusivity and the Gender Perspective: Women and Cultural Heritage, a how-to crash course

Module 6: Co-designing projects for the cultural sector. Discover the important processes, tools, and skills needed

Our take

eCHOing is an invaluable project that seeks to assist universities in engaging with cultural heritage organisations in the following years of COVID-19; collaborations of this nature are necessary for advancement in Cultural Management. Using diverse research fields to teach participants how to inspire, manage, and use open innovation interventions. It features an interactive approach for collaborative projects as well as six online classes. Moreover, the project identified best practices and explored future issues, including synergies between Higher Education Institutes and Cultural Heritage Organisations. Making the project results accessible and replicable!

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