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The European Heritage Hub is a two-year project launched in May 2023 to establish a permanent and autonomous heritage hub in Europe, led by Europa Nostra and co-funded by the European Union.

People and organizations can participate in the Hub in numerous ways, including joining the community, supporting advocacy efforts, and connecting with its program development lab.

Additionally, it provides a platform for events and news related to cultural heritage, demonstrating its commitment to promoting cultural heritage preservation and awareness in Europe.

Five framings provide key insights into the intersection of cultural heritage and transformative change:

  • “Cultural heritage as an enabler of social imaginaries

  • Cultural heritage as a pillar of resilience

  • Cultural heritage promoting inclusive planning and action for transformation

  • Cultural heritage as a motor of climate resilient sustainable development

  • Cultural heritage as a positive agent of change in the digital age”

Digital technologies are fully integrated into the Hub to make heritage-related content, policies, initiatives, and news easily accessible to everyone.

Linked to the Five Pillars of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage and the Triple Transformation:

Here are some of the key actions and initiatives offered by the European Heritage Hub:

Knowledge Sharing, Networking, Training, and Capacity-Building: Among cultural heritage stakeholders at the European, national, and regional levels, the Hub serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and capacity building. This initiative aims to increase civic engagement with European culture, focusing primarily on young professionals in the heritage sector.

Advocacy Platform: The Hub advocates for a holistic approach to cultural heritage policies, as well as more structured coordination throughout all levels of government. By pooling cross-sectorial expertise and resources, it aims to encourage joint action in the cultural heritage sector.

Policy Analysis, Development, and Advocacy: As part of its policy analysis, development, and advocacy work, the Hub connects with current European initiatives on cultural heritage. It carries out communication campaigns to raise awareness of cultural heritage preservation and builds connections with existing EU initiatives.

Policy Monitor: Heritage Hub Policy Monitor maps policies impacting cultural and natural heritage across European, national, and local levels.

Support for the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage: By monitoring and providing recommendations regarding the implementation of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage, the Hub contributes to its implementation. The framework’s five strategic objectives and related clusters of actions are monitored and endorsed by it.

Heritage Library: A vast collection of heritage-related materials can be accessed through the Heritage Library, a repository of research papers, articles, case studies and audiovisual content.

Exchange of Experience and Good Practice: Facilitates the exchange of experience and good practices related to cultural heritage on different levels of governance, ensuring the continuity of the value of culture for a long time, and ensuring the sustainability of the cultural heritage.

Community Engagement: As part of the Hub’s broader strategy to engage multiple stakeholders individuals and organizations are invited to become members of the European Heritage Hub’s Community and support our advocacy efforts.

Social Forum:  The Hub plans to introduce a Social Forum on its website, designed to enhance dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders

Our take

The European Heritage Hub is a momentous initiative aimed at fostering cultural heritage across Europe. Through its various projects and initiatives, Hub is working to promote cultural heritage across Europe while contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable, digital, and inclusive society. The Hub can help re-imagine cultural heritage management across Europe!

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