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European Review of History Podcast delves deep into the rich tapestry of Europe’s past hosted by the European Review of History – Revue européenne d’histoire is an international journal that covers European history of all centuries and disciplines.

Founded in 2004, the journal aims to create a forum for ideas across Europe, to encourage innovative research, to make diverse historiographies more accessible, and to assist the exchange of ideas among young historians.

The podcast features 6 episodes released in the 2023 Digital Histories series, aimed at broad audiences, and provides detailed narratives and engaging discussions that portray the experiences of historical figures, the impact of pivotal events, and the evolution of societal norms and values throughout time. A highlight of the podcast is its focus on lesser-known aspects of European history, which gives listeners a fresh perspective on well-known stories.

Dr Heidi Tworek – Communication Media and Wikipedia in Teaching

How Wikipedia is used in her teaching to discuss power, influence, and early twentieth-century communications technology.

John Overholt – Digital Exhibitions, Heritage Collections and Inclusivity

Discusses Face to Face: Portraits of People of Color Before Photography an exhibition John curated at the Houghton Library that was recreated online in an entirely digital rendering of the exhibition space, focusing exclusively on portraits and depictions of people of colour.

Dr Roel Konijnendijk, Dr Owen Rees and Professor Stephen Hodkinson – Online Engagement and the Ancient World

The group discusses online engagement and the promotion of ancient history digital content.

If you want to learn more, We talked about Dr Owen Rees in our piece Bad Ancient: fact-checking the Ancient World

Dr Stefan Ramsden – Digital Archives and Oral History

An oral history historian who is currently involved in the Our Heritage, Our Stories project, which is collecting user-generated content and creating a vast online archive of historical documents.

Dr Ian Garner – Russian Myth-making, History, and Social Media

A historian and researcher of Russian culture and war propaganda discusses how social media has been used by Russia to generate myths about Russian history and identity.

Claire Miles ‘Hisdoryan’ – History Blogging and Content Creation

alk about how blogging and digital media are shaping the way history is accessed and experienced with Claire Miles, who is better known for her blog Hisdoryan.

Furthermore, listeners of the European Review of History Podcast are encouraged to engage with the content by providing feedback and discussing it.

Our Take

The European Review of History podcast is an essential resource for anyone interested in history, especially in an age when access to quality historical education has become increasingly limited. Aimed at both avid history buffs and casual listeners, the podcast reaches a broad audience with its easy-to-understand yet informative approach. The series’ commitment to accuracy, depth, and accessibility makes it a valuable resource for those seeking a deeper understanding of European history

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European Review of History Podcast

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