Heritage, Health and Wellbeing Report

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Heritage, Health and Wellbeing Report by Heritage Alliance sets heritage as an imperative need for COVID-19 recovery. The report showcases the multiple beneficial effects of heritage, promotes best practices and local community engagement.

Heritage is at the core of society being a bond for identity and inclusiveness. COVID-19 and the multiple lockdowns created several personal “bubbles” separating us from life as parts of the broader society. On our way to normalcy, heritage is a fundamental part of our wellbeing; this report highlights for heritage institutions to promote wellbeing, building on the Heritage Alliance’s 2017 Heritage Debate – Is Heritage Good For Your Health?

The report features three sections explaining heritage relation to wellbeing, case studies, challenges and recommendations based on the UK findings:

  1. “A brief overview of the intersection between heritage and wellbeing and the work that has been completed to date, and a summary of our findings.
  2. A set of case studies to illustrate the huge amount of work taking place that promotes wellbeing across the heritage sector.
  3. A series of recommendations for the heritage sector, the health and care sector, and government to properly celebrate and embrace the role heritage can play in boosting wellbeing.”

The report is thorough and easy to read with key observations and examples applicable outside the UK. Our favourite:

Alexandra Palace: Wild in the Park

Exploring the individual creativity of youth and environmental learning. Check out: Wild in the Park 1: Dens

Human Henge: walking with intent in ancient landscapes

Walking the Stone Henge in a diverse group in ten weekly three-hour sessions. Check out: Human Henge Online

Sensory Palaces at Historic Royal Palaces (HRP)

A programme addressing the wellbeing of individuals with dementia.

Connecting through Craft Skills at Seventeen Nineteen

Learning traditional crafting skills.

Breaking Ground Heritage (BGH)

Promoting wellbeing in several projects.

Worcester Life Stories: Bringing local people together through shared stories of the City of Worcester

A platform coproducing with the locals’ knowledge and memories in Worcester City.


  1. “Embed wellbeing into your organisation
  2. Build-in evaluation from the start
  3. Understand the power of partnerships
  4. Work with the local community
  5. Engage with the intended audience from the outset to shape the project”

The report is valuable for both the heritage and health and care sectors. Within the document, you can find inspiration for activities and collaborations for wellbeing and heritage projects. Local community involvement plays a vital role in such projects and offers sustainability for cultural organisations.

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Heritage, Health and Wellbeing Report (also attached)

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