Heritage Quest

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Heritage Quest is a citizen science project by Erfgoed Gelderland and Leiden University in the Netherlands, where volunteers take part in archaeological research.

The project aims are:

  1. to uncover hidden archaeological heritage in inaccessible areas
  2. raise awareness and engage the public in heritage
  3. learn about past societies

Participants inspect for previously hidden archaeological structures on new high-resolution LiDAR maps and validate them in the field. Citizens have the chance to participate in local archaeology and assist in the discovery of unexplored heritage sites. Citizen science allows engaging more people in archaeology and heritage, learning about their local history and the field.  Furthermore, participants help cover a larger scale of sites generating large amounts of data that would not be possible for professionals alone.

Our take

Heritage Quest is an amazing project featuring citizen science, public archaeology and strengthening research and heritage conservation. The project serves as a great example of community involvement in heritage and the fantastic results it can yield. The project features thousands of participants with a sustainable stakeholder group sharing knowledge.

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