HISTOLAB: Revitalising History Education

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HISTOLAB is an initiative designed to enhance history education through various initiatives and resources. The platform serves as a digital hub for transnational history education and cooperative activities, offering a wide range of activities and tools for history teaching and learning.


HISTOLAB Tutorials: These tutorials aim to equip educators with knowledge and skills that will facilitate engaging and informative lessons on a wide variety of topics within history education.

“Links to the resources presented in the tutorial:

How to introduce gender in history teaching

A Space of Our Own

Statues for Equality

iWitness (by the USC Shoah Foundation)

How to teach about Roma history and culture

HISTOLAB Toolkit to Debunk Fake News in History Classes: Resources and strategies to help teachers overcome misinformation in history education, empowering them to critically evaluate sources and create accurate historical narratives.

HIST-CONNECT Database: a community-driven resource that offers users the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on history education projects.

Calendar and Bulletin Board: Events, announcements, and updates related to history education can be submitted on the calendar and bulletin board, promoting communication and engagement among community members.

Media Library and Resource Hub: A collection of multimedia materials and educational resources available for download and use in history classes. 

Moreover, the Hub has offers: 

  • European Innovation Days in History Education: Throughout Europe, these events highlight innovative practices and developments in history education, including new methods and technologies that are beneficial to the learning process.

  • HISTOLAB Fellowship: The program provides opportunities for history educators to participate in professional development and collaboration, fostering innovation and excellence.

  • HISTOLAB Award for Innovative School Projects in History Education: Encourages teachers and schools to adopt innovative pedagogical strategies in history education by recognizing and supporting innovative projects.

Our Take

HISTOLAB is deeply committed to propelling the field of history education forward by fostering a culture of innovation, promoting collaborative efforts, and facilitating the exchange of best practices and valuable resources benefiting both educators seeking fresh teaching methodologies and students eager to explore history in a dynamic manner.

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