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KIMMERSIV, a collaboration between Immersiv3d and Kidiwe, offers a new virtual guided tour different from the ordinary digital experiences we see. That is because the tool presents a complete 3d virtual space and simultaneously guided tour with a Museum Educator.

Digital touring has taken off since the Covid-19 pandemic, with several new types of online visits and technology boosting its development.

The tool differs from the conventional methods both in the space’s capturing and digitisation and the options for guides and visitors’ exploration. The tool allows visitors to explore freely the exhibition and organically find additional information on the exhibit. Furthermore, beyond digitisation, KIMMERSIV offers a platform to museum guides and educators much more holistic than video or zoom. Meaning, visitors connect with their cameras for the tour, while the museum guide has access to the group’s feed and can walk them through the exhibit while allowing for free exploration.

Immersiv3d creates virtual tours since 2018, and  Kidiwe organises school outings offered to 12 million students in France, having 57,000 visits on the platform. The tours are available for adults and children; the fee depends on the museum or cultural institution. 

Especially for children, this tool goes a long way to help cultural education for both teachers and students, organising visits to places far away that would otherwise be impossible to access. Educators often struggle to organise school outings even to nearby locales making KIMMERSIV an even more appealing choice to expose their students to the wealth of culture without leaving the classroom.

Our take

We met the KIMMERSIV team at Museum Connections and had a chance to review their work and take part in exploring the virtual space of the RATP museum. The platform offers a holistic approach to digital touring beneficial to museum professionals and audiences of all ages. We highly recommend exploring their tours online and if you are considering hosting digital visits to your space speak with them.

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Studios Sets (Fr)

La condition Publique (Fr)


RATP Musée (Fr)

L’atelier Pasquero (Fr)

Villeneuve Saint-Georges/ Street Art (Fr)

Citéco (Cité de l’économie) (Fr)

Chateau de Terre-Neuve (Fr)

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