Let’s get digital, digital! DOORS (Digital incubatOr fOR muSeums)

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DOORS (Digital incubatOr fOR muSeums) is a European project launched in October 2021!  DOORS aims to help small and medium-sized museums adapt and expand their digital capacity though a collaborative network.

The pandemic plagued the museums and culture sector immensely, thus making a digital presence and strategy necessary. The larger institutions were able to adapt quickly and offer some truly innovative and immersive digital projects. Smaller institutions could not follow due to the lack of funding and expertise, with many even lacking a communications and social media strategy.

DOORS plans to address these issues through a platform hosting a network of museums and innovators, where they can collaborate, share experiences and lessons. The project will promote digitalisation and offer a resource that will enable museums to meet the era’s digital demands.

“Through a two-stage pilot scheme, DOORS involves 40 museums in 20 innovative pilots developing digital transformation experiments in 4 concrete innovation areas.”

New technology optimises museums by reaching their existing and new audiences. Furthermore, digital tools allow the creation of radically different museum programming that can be more interactive and attractive to visitors.  DOORS will address a real need in the cultural sector and hopefully, we will have more compelling digital experiences in the coming years!

The program will run until September 2023, and we are excited to follow any new developments!

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Digital IncubatOr fOR muSeums

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