Milli: Preserving Our Past, Present, and Future

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The Milli Initiative, founded in 2013, brings together the humanities, technology, and community in a unique way. It is a collective of individuals and communities working towards a common goal: nurturing archives. With a focus on form, content, and purpose, Milli aims to create environments that deepen our understanding of the world around us. Within these archives, you will find a blend of past, present, and future narratives captured in various forms.

In today’s world of abundant information and fleeting memories, it is increasingly important to preserve and explore our shared history.

The Milli website provides access to these resources, including sections for ethics and law, support, sessions, and contact information. By organizing various initiatives such as International Archives Week (IAW), Milli showcases the breadth and depth of available archival materials, promoting discussion, learning, and collaboration among enthusiasts, scholars, and the general public. The IAW sessions and standalone events underscore the significance of preserving cultural heritage in the digital age by focusing on specific aspects of archival work.

“What are Milli’s objectives?

COLLECT, build, preserve and nurture archives and protect endangered collections

RESEARCH and develop public tools and resources for archives

EDUCATE and build capacity, from high school to professional practice

ENGAGE the public to reimagine the archives as part of their commons”

In January 2023, Milli launched Archives, Ethics and the Law in India: A Guidebook for Archivists in India with the Archives at NCBS. As one of the first projects of its kind in India, the project brings together issues related to archives, law, ethics, ownership, access, and privacy.

 The draft open-access guidebook can be reviewed at

Our Take

With Milli, you become part of an international network that safeguards the past for future generations. In addition to nurturing archives, it nurtures a community around them, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in archives, cultural heritage preservation, or storytelling as a whole.

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