Museums for Climate Action Toolbox

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Museums for Climate Action is a site dedicated to how museums can address climate change. The project started with a design and ideas competition launched on Museum Day 2020, followed by an exhibition at the  Glasgow Science Centre. The site is in three sections Rethink, Reimagine and Mobilise.

Mobilise section offers a comprehensive toolbox with information on policy, sustainable development and mitigation through museums. Climate action is drawn into five components:

  1. Mitigation through museums: museums fostering conservation efforts through sharing resources
  2. Mitigation in museums: reducing museums’ greenhouse emissions and dedicating resources to nature conservation
  3. Adaptation through museums
  4. Adaptation in museums
  5. Climate action as part of sustainable development, climate justice and a just transition

You can explore the toolbox online or download it.

Our take

Museums for Climate Action is a much-needed project offering resources and thinking needed to combat climate change. Museums are not often thought of as a priority in tackling climate change, however, they are an essential pillar of society and therefore can impact change in thinking and offer support. We strongly recommend using the toolbox and the resources offered by Museums for Climate Action.

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