Online Conference: Crafting Experiences in Museums: Physical or Digital?

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“Crafting Experiences in Museums: Physical or Digital?” is an online free conference on 7 December 2023, hosted by the ICOM UK Student and Emerging Professionals Group. This conference encourages interdisciplinary discussions between students and professionals on museum studies, focusing on inclusivity, sustainability, and contemporary society.

Considering the dynamic and open-ended nature of contemporary narratives, with museums being intermediate sites for interpreting the world, the conference explores the relationship between physical contact and digital operations in museum experiences.  Emphasising the importance of direct interactions with physical objects and technology in generating authentic experiences.

Acknowledging interpretive techniques related to sustainability and inclusivity this conference explores museum strategies, physical/digital engagement practices, social functions in contemporary society, and inclusion work.

The programme and speakers:

09:30-09:50 Opening Remarks

09:50-11:10 Keynote Speech:

Professor Ross Parry – Director of Institute for Digital Culture, University of Leicester

11:30-12:50 Panel One: Material Truth through Digital Methods

Mingshi (Michelle) Cui – University of Leicester

Reshaping narrations of displaced objects in museums via digital methods

Elisa Palomino – Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center

Jonathan Katz – Royal College of Art, London

Digital Engagement with Arctic Material Culture Heritage at International Museums:

A 3D simulation of a Fish skin parka from the Anchorage Museum

Zhi Ye – King’s College London

Aesthetic Encounters: between blockbuster exhibition and immersive exhibition

Feifan Lou – University of Cambridge

Reimagining Late Qing China through Voices and Shadows: Exploring the Interplay between Individuals, Objects and History the British Museum’s China’s Hidden Century Exhibition

14:00-15:20 Panel Two: Making things meaningful and engaging

Bin Guo – University College London

“Mummy, How Can We Turn it Off?”: Investigating Family Interaction and Learning When Visiting an Anthropological Gallery in the UK

Shahnila Shafiq – University of Cambridge

Bringing a Fine & Decorative Museum to Life

Xingyue Yang – University of Glasgow.

Enhancing Online Audience Engagement in Intangible Cultural Heritage Databases: A Case Study

Ellen Charlesworth – Durham University

Are our online engagement strategies working? Learning from the surprising success of UK transport museums

15:40-17:00 Panel Three: Technology and Narratives

Marjotte Miles – University of Liverpool

4 Months at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford: Handling Violent Narratives in Physical and Digital Museum Spaces

Akanksha Gulwe

The Impact on Visitors of ICT and Traditional Interpretative Layouts in CSMVS

Linjie Wang – University College London

Filming Technology as a Self-Governance Tool: Strategies of the Baiku Yao Eco-

museum in Southwest China

Denize Ledeatte – National Windrush Museum

Decolonising the lived experience

Our Take

“Crafting Experiences in Museums: Physical or Digital?” is an essential step toward sharing knowledge between professionals and students as well as examining the hybrid, digital and physical, reality of the Museum Experience.

If this does not entice you to join Local Approach’s founder, Athina Gkouma, is the chair of Panel 3!

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Register: Crafting Experiences in Museums: Physical or Digital?, ICOM UK Student and Emerging Professionals Conference, online, Thurs 7 Dec 2023

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