Our favourite talks: Museums, Games & Play Summit

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The Museums, Games & Play Summit by Museum Next took place from 28 February to 2 March 2022, full of content about how the culture sector integrates game, storytelling and play. We attended the summit and here is a list of our favourite talks and takeaways.

Day 1

Louvre Abu Dabhi

Crack the fun code of the Museum

Emphasising the emotional development of children through visual art to identify emotions, created a game scenario about the exhibits and how to deal and process with emotions.  Including:

  • Personalised profile.
  • Difficulty adjusted to age.
  • Puzzle game requiring observation of artwork.
  • Story of the character and how they acquired specific emotions.
  • Rewards progressive reward points and badges, final reward a wheel of emotions that they can use at home.

Coventry Transport Museum

Embracing play(fulness) for successful family engagement

Play is learning. Prioritising children and playing in galleries by adding playspaces.


Gaming Climate change,

Analogue games as trivia night for 18-24-year-old target groups.

Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

What can games teach us about museums beyond gamification?

Museums can learn from games in terms of presentation, as they attract visitors through aesthetics, games are part of culture and art.  Tutorilised museums need to adopt gaming practices beyond gamification. Engage gaming communities through speedrunning games on twitch to raise money for charity, non-hierarchical collaboration in museums.

Stimler Advantage

Barry Joseph Consulting

Twelve (or so) ways of looking at gaming in Museums


Fast Familiar

Playing for time: games to bring us closer to the future we want to see

(digital design studio)Games can embody an organisation’s vision and ought to be co-created with the community.

Australian National Maritime Museum

Pirates, Passengers and Planet Protectors

Online games and videos as Pirate School with Captain Grognose Johnny

Dungeons on a Dime

Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Glasgow Life

Telling stories through roleplaying games

Historically based roleplaying game on archaeological findings and research through project Carved in stone with a series of books and digitally available.

The Irish Emigration Museum

Making the past present

Truly interactive exhibits!

Day 3


Niantic, Inc.

Science Museum

Historic Royal Palaces

Location-based play and the cultural sector

Discussing 3 projects involving geolocation and augmented reality in museums bringing stories to life, immersive soundscapes and exhibitions that reconnect museum objects to the everyday environment.

Tools:  lightship program

ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Serious about play: Videogames at ACMI

Games lab exploring how video games are made, media preservation lab, looking at video games as cultural artefacts and their preservation using emulation as a service.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Barry Joseph Consulting

FableVision Studios

Failing Forward: 10 favorite Museum game Fails and what we learned from them

A must watch!

All the talks are recorded and available on-demand at Museum Next, check them out!

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