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Pawanka Podcast centres on sharing indigenous peoples’ knowledge through stories and interviews from around the world. The podcast is an initiative of the Pawanka Fund, which all-around supports indigenous peoples’ efforts for safeguarding traditional knowledge, well-being, rights and development.

“Pawanka” is a Miskitu word meaning “growing and strengthening”

The series is “A podcast made by indigenous people for indigenous peoples”, sharing the voices and reality of indigenous people. The podcast started in April 2022 and features 5 episodes. The format is simple and runs around 20 minutes, the guests are part of the Fund’s guiding committee.


  1. The revitalisation of the Hawaiian language (Namaka Rawlins)
  2. Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) and its’ first woman secretary (Rukka Sombolinggi)
  3. Indigenous issues and rights on the international scene (Joan Carling)
  4. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz an indigenous leader, activist and United Nations Special Rapporteur
  5. Indigenous peoples of northern Kenya (Huseein Isack)

Pawanka Fund was launched in 2014 their actions continue to grow to foster the knowledge and rights of indigenous people internationally. The Fund works closely with communities and organisations to help their initiatives. The Fund’s activities, among others, cover:

Our take

Pawanka’s work is essential to the indigenous community creating an international network for support and initiatives. The podcast is one of their many innovative actions, and while the intended audience is indigenous groups, we find that it is an incredible medium to reach a wider audience. We certainly hope that episode was not the final and that the series will continue with many more stories to tell.

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