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The Tate galleries, UK, offer educational resources for artists, teachers and children with a vast online space where you learn through themes, theory and practical activities.

Tate‘s spaces host one of the world’s largest collections of contemporary and modern art pieces, accompanied by a firm commitment to art education with activities on-site and online.

This summer vacation with the ever-present Pandemic, you might not get the chance to visit cultural places. Through Tate, you and your family can create and explore your art world, having lots of fun!  At least at Local Approach, this constitutes fun, and there is a fair chance you do too if you are here.

Here are a few brilliant picks: 

Coursework guides

These guides help students, their educators and artists to learn and teach art by theme. These are especially beneficial as the user explores diverse art movements and techniques not bound by the chronological order teaching often used by educational institutions. Take a gander at the “Myths and Legends Coursework Guide” or “Materials Coursework Guide” to start your artistic journey.

Tate kids

Make Art is a series of activity guides designed for kids to learn and create art. Each guide offers an overview of the activity, the time you will need to complete it, a walk-through of relevant and influential art pieces, resources and the process step by step.

 Furthermore, you can share your finished “oeuvre d’art” at Tate. You do not have to be a kid to enjoy these activities; creating does not have an age limit, after all. Get started with “Have Fun with Textures“, it’s only an hour.

Play and have fun with art as advertised is a collection of fun games and quizzes on art beyond Pictionary. 

You can paint online and share with the Tate gallery (if you are under thirteen). 

A fun game is  Swingaling, where you play with Wassily Kandinsky’s Swinging to life, clicking and dropping elements of the painting.

The quizzes are fun and utilise humour to learn and play; try out Quiz: Art Joke Challenge! where you guess the punchline on art joke.

Made with Street Art. (Pro art tip, don’t click on anything you don’t mean to)

Tate has a lot more resources, which truly impart artistic values and processes without effort.  Understanding contemporary art often requires studying the artists’ life and conceptual approach that involve complex and advanced ideas. These programs allow everyone to experience and enjoy art. Alternatively, they also serve as a great past time during the day, provide a tiny dose of art insight and education for the moment when you learn which Harry Potter character you are or what fruit or vegetable-.

I want to learn more:


Coursework guides


Play and have fun with art

Create like an artist

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