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The latest topic of Articheck’s webinar series ArtEvolve titled “Post-Pandemic Hiring In The Art World​”  will take place 16 December 2021.

With Karline Moeller, CEO and Co-Founder of Art Frankly.

The pandemic hit hard the art and culture sectors, as institutions that rely on hosting events and the public to remain sustainable. Finding the right people and spaces is a major challenge where Art Frankly’s insights are invaluable.

ArtEvolve’s webinar will discuss hiring new talent in the post-pandemic art world with  Karline Moeller, who will share her experience. Art Frankly is a resource to find art jobs and opportunities. During the webinar, she will share her experience, the situation in the sector and tips.

The webinar will “answer important questions, such as:

  • What challenges do organizations looking to hire face right now?
  • How can the art world attract talent and find the right candidates?
  • How can art organizations nurture their staff?

PLUS Q&A – get your questions answered! “

If you miss out, ArtEvolve provides recordings of all their fantastic and intriguing topics.

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