RE-ORG organise your collections’ storage!

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RE-ORG Method helps museums and collections reorganise their storage rooms in creative and safe ways, helping especially those at risk. Offered by ICCROM.

The method includes the following tools taking you step by step through the process:

 Self-evaluation tool – EN 

 Workbook -EN 

 Worksheets – EN 

 Additional resources – EN 

The method is used by the CollAsia programme an educational programme for heritage professionals in Southeast Asia. During the Pandemic, ICCROM launched International Course on the Reorganization of Collections Storage in Museums of Southeast Asia an online course that run in 2021 with 10 museums developing their RE-ORG projects.

Our take

RE-ORG is a vital tool for museums as the artefacts on display is only a small part of the collection most of which are in storage. Given the challenges of the pandemic and climate change, the method is a powerful and accessible resource that can help several collections continue to safegaurd heritage.

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