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The rurAllure project, running 2021 – 2023, is an EU-funded project,  that aims to enrich pilgrimage experiences with rural heritage, converting lesser-known heritage sites into tourist destinations and creating economic activity and cultural preservation opportunities. Utilising the flow of people on nearby pilgrimage routes in rural environments across Europe to boost cultural heritage. The project proposes a network of cultural institutions, including museums, libraries, natural heritage sites, and civil associations, to collaborate in creating multimedia content and promoting visiting these places.

Project Pilots

The project’s pilot studies are centred around four key themes:

  • Ethnographic heritage on the ways to Trondheim: A pilot project that highlights the cultural practices, traditions, and lifestyles of the people along Trondheim’s routes aims to highlight the ethnographic heritage of the area.

  • Natural heritage on the ways to Csíksomlyó: Using the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region as its backdrop, this pilot project highlights the natural heritage sites along the routes to Csksomlyó and encourages pilgrims to experience, appreciate, and appreciate nature.

Pilgrims’ Portal & App

An online platform and mobile apps are used to provide pilgrims with a seamless presentation of the heritage of the regions they travel through while facilitating the discovery of interesting resources, transportation, accommodations, and dining opportunities. As a result of this platform, cultural, economic, and political agents can advertise their services online, which primarily targets pilgrims who might otherwise overlook these assets because of a lack of awareness. 

Key features of the RurAllure platform include:

Mobile Application: showcases the history of the areas visited in a unified fashion. It provides features for finding experiences and resources, makes travel plans easier, and aids in locating acceptable lodging and food options in rural areas.

Personalized Daily Plans: By entering their preferred topics, dates, and starting and ending locations, users can design a customized daily schedule. Users can add additional content, save their plan, and share it with others. The system creates a comprehensive plan that is broken down into hours and days. With the help of this function, pilgrims can customize their journey to fit their interests and tastes.

Participating in local events: The platform also includes recommended plans for pilgrims to participate in local events, enriching their cultural immersion further.

Our Take

As a whole, RurAllure provides pilgrims traveling through rural Europe with a comprehensive and personalized experience through its technological platform. Moreover, designed to engage pilgrims with the local communities, identities, and cultures of the rural areas surrounding the pilgrimage routes, the pilots aim to produce meaningful cultural products and narratives that change pilgrims from passive observers to active participants in the shared history and living heritage of Europe.

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rurAllure portal

download for Android

Literary Heritage on the Ways to Santiago

Thermal Heritage and others on the Ways to Rome

Ethnographic Heritage on the ways to Trondheim

Natural Heritage on the ways to Csíksomlyó

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Literary Heritage on the Ways to Santiago

Thermal Heritage and others on the Ways to Rome

Ethnographic Heritage on the ways to Trondheim

Natural Heritage on the ways to Csíksomlyó

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