STOG card games: a fun way to share a museum experience

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STOG Editions produces card games for museums and cultural institutions with an outlook to educate and make visiting these spaces a memorable experience.

STOG Editions asks organisations: What will your visitors remember the day after their visit? What will they tell their friends?

And whether the response to these questions is enough to motivate others to visit as well. Given that our memory structure during visits is limited, our key takeaway is the experience. While a memorable experience is fantastic, is it enough to create excitement towards potential visitors?

STOG Editions believes that to extend and share the feelings acquired during the experience from a visit, we must laugh and play together among friends or family.  A card game is a terrific playful way to interact and share good moments and knowledge.

STOG Editions offer the creation of specific card games representative of cultural places and their values. The game allows one to recall memories, thus hosting an extended visit from a cultural space. After which, the game can be part of the collection SoCartes & “name of your place”.

STOG games bring together young and older alike, thus pleasing the parents by having a fun educational tool and their children happy evading quizzes of a place.

The creation process is simple:

STOG games are tailored-made to the cultural institutions’ needs and wishes.  The first question asked is: “ what do you want your visitors to tell their friends”?

Then selecting 10 themes, each delivered in 7 cards. These 70 cards allow for several play options, alone, 2 people, or more… Thus turning visitors into ambassadors, being a playful transmission tool of memories and emotions.

Our Take

STOG card games are an effective and playful way to render a typical day at the museum memorable in the long term and an opportunity to share the experience and newfound knowledge with others.

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Caroline Leleu, creator of SoCartes, based on the French elementary school program and former school professor.


Athina Gkouma

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