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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, just launched The Met Unframed, an online digital gallery and augmented reality (AR) games. Using your phone or any 4G-5G smart device, you can visit the museum and explore 50 works of art in its galleries. This virtual visit is available for free for 5-weeks so don’t miss out!

The process is simple, scan the QR code on your device and enter the museum. You walk through the galleries and look up close the artworks. The layout makes for an immersive experience of an enhanced museum visit with a handful of galleries are available for you to explore. Unlocking some of the AR artworks will allow you to loan the artwork for 15 minutes, you can display it anywhere within your home and of course, share your experience across social media platforms.

Games include trivia, riddles, and a “Zoom and Spot” challenge giving you a comprehensive and fun visit to the gallery.  Visiting the gallery, you do not just look at images, you have access to detailed descriptions and information from the XRF conservation documentation scans, thus creating a whole new level of the learning experience.

The Met staff and the Unit9 production company worked together to develop the Met Unframed using the latest mobile technology. The museum’s curators, photographers and educators designed the content with 3d-artists modelling the art renderings on the Met’s digital image collection.

This project is unlike other virtual museums and has the potential to redefine the museum experience. The possibilities are endless, people across the world can visit the Met without having to travel. While this mobile experienced was designed specifically for the Met, many more museums can follow in its footsteps. Creating virtual galleries gives access to everyone, allows  for meaningful and comprehensive education and a digital repository for all heritage safely preserved for the future.

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