The World in Florence: 1st International Festival of World’s Cultural Expressions

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The World in Florence launched on November 25 2021, the 1st edition of a five-year international program on raising awareness through the storytelling of many cultural places worldwide.

The festival hosts an interactive exhibition, keynote lectures and an online catalogue of the Cultural Storytelling presentation and panels.  The exhibition uses NFC technology (near-field communication, contactless communication between two devices) for visitors to interact and discover through photographic panels places around the world. Using their smartphones to access information on historical characters, idioms, typical food, suggestions and advice, as well as send their images.

Learning Journey consists of four keynote lectures in the post-covid context about:

  • socio-economic model of development
  • preservation of cultural identities
  • sustainable use of resources
  • relational tourism
  • international catalogue

Discover the festival’s full program and access the live streaming(or recordings) here!

The festival is part of the “Life Beyond Tourism Travel’s – Travel to Dialogue Movement” marketing project stimulating economic and social restart, with Florence as a point of departure for the development of territorial management policies and establishing the territory as a preferred destination.

The festival aims to bring forth heritage sites local cultural expressions during the pandemic by their promotion, interpretation, presentation and enhancement with the involvement of international groups of youth and university students.  Local communities can participate in the festival and create a story of their region with working groups.

The project’s aims:

  • “encourage the interpretation and communication of the typical local cultural expressions of a destination site,
  • promote local communities cultural awareness,
  • enhance sites international attractiveness
  • change tourism in hospitality for inclusiveness, solidarity and intercultural dialogue.

In this way, it will be possible to virtually visit the world through the eyes of locals and acquire a privileged look at the international tangible and intangible heritage”

Our take

“The World in Florence:  1st International Festival of World’s Cultural Expressions” marks a new beginning in heritage management. The festival promotes narrative creation and storytelling practices and provides tools for local communities to safeguard and promote their heritage. Moreover, the exhibition features digital tools that address the difficulties brought on by covid-19 and are now becoming an integral part of sustainable heritage management. The world in Florence takes a local approach to heritage management and brings it to the international scene!

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The world in Florence:  1st International Festival of World’s Cultural Expressions

Programme and live streaming


ICCROM- The World in Florence – Festival of World’s Cultural Expressions

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