VAST exploring values across space and time

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VAST is a European project aiming to bring cultural heritage values to digitisation through the creation of methodology and tools. The project will study narratives emphasising textual sources from cultural experiences and their diverse means of expression.

VAST will “trace the transformations of moral values” analysing texts such as Greek tragedies to modern plays and different types of storytelling assessing the factors contributing to values transformation. For this achievement, the project will enhance the digital assets’ metadata with the community, academics, researchers and professionals.

VAST propose three pilots:

Values in Ancient Greek Drama

Values in Scientific Revolution Texts

Values in European Folktales

The VAST platform will host academics and targeted users creating semantically annotated assets combined with VAST’s semantic knowledge graph, mapping values transformation over space and time and offering an in-depth understanding of their evolution.

Our take

With the exponential growth of digital heritage and assets, VAST is a much-needed project in the creation of comprehensive digital content. Furthermore, their study into the evolution of values will bring us insight into ourselves and our shared values over centuries allowing us not only a deeper understanding of heritage but our identity embedded within.  We look forward to seeing more from the platform and hope professionals and communities will partake in the research!

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