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History Hit presents a wide variety of podcasts by and featuring historians at the forefront of research and debate. Get started with 15 episodes a week! Here is a list and summary:

Dan Snow’s History Hit,

analyses today’s news by examining its complex past, with evidence provided by historians who researched it for decades. Understanding a problem’s nature and origins is the key to resolving it.

The Ancients

The podcast, presented by historian Tristan Hughes, features historians and archaeologists discussing topics ranging from antiquity, from Neolithic Britain to the Fall of Rome.

Gone Medieval

Featuring historians Matt Lewis and Eleanor Janega, with experts giving listeners new insights, this podcast explores the fascinating yet misunderstood period of history called the Middle Ages.

Betwixt the Sheets

Historian Kate Lister delves into topics not in your average history class ranging from landmark LGBTQ+ court cases to bizarre medieval cures for impotence.

American History Hit

Get your weekly fix of American history from Don Wildman as he delves into the past to provide context for the present. Learn how codebreakers uncovered secret Japanese plans for the Battle of Midway, meet Chief Powhatan as he prepares for war with the British, hear Walt Disney accuse his colleagues of being communists, and discover the dark history that lies beneath Central Park.

After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds & the Paranormal

In the show, actor, writer, and historian Anthony Delaney is joined by writer, broadcaster, and historian Maddy Pelling in exploring history’s most strange and sinister events – from the disappearance of the HMS Terror to the origins of Halloween.

Local Approach Athina: love the HMS Terror story


War historian and broadcaster James Rogers hosts and teams up with fellow historians, veterans, and experts, to uncover astonishing new stories of inspirational leadership, groundbreaking technologies, and battles that have defined an era.


Dallas Campbell, with the help of experts, scientists and historians, looks at stories of unexpected discoveries, erased individuals, and questionable marketing schemes.

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History Hit provides a wide range of historical content, including podcasts, videos, shows, and articles on history and travel, also offering guides and location pages. The  SVOD platform has interviews with historians and documentaries. Additionally, it provides resources on culture, books, film, music, and gaming, which happens to be our favourite, Check out: Best Historical Games 

Our Take

We discovered the world of History Hit podcasts through The Ancients, but we couldn’t just stick to one podcast as all of them are fascinating. With over 1,000 podcast episodes, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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SVOD platform

Best Historical Games

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