7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Europe 2022

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Europa Nostra, European Investment Bank Institute and representatives of the organisations present through a live announcement on March 29 2022 the 7 Most Endangered Heritage Sites in Europe in 2022.

The sites are

  1. Zogu Bridge – Albania
  2. Récollets Convent – Belgium
  3. La Butte Rouge – France
  4. Stolberg – Germany
  5. Neptune Baths – Romania
  6. Orléans-Borbón Palace – Spain
  7. Crèvecoeur Fortress – Netherlands

Europa Nostra created a Flickr presentation with images of the sites that you can access here.

The 7 Most Endangered programme helps protect endangered heritage sites and monuments in Europe through the mobilisation of private and public partners from the local, national and European levels. The programme partners assist with suggestions on finding alternative functions for the sites, technical support, financial advice from the EU, public or private partners depending on the stakeholders and the site’s needs.

The programme started in 2013 with a call for nominations opening every year. You can watch last year’s webinar on how to submit a nomination on youtube and download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Europa Nostra, the European Voice of Civil Society committed to Cultural and Natural Heritage, and in partnership with the European Investment Bank Institute run the programme with the support of Creative Europe.

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