TrendsWatch: Museums as Community Infrastructure

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TrendsWatch: Museums as Community Infrastructure is the 2022 edition of the American Alliance of Museums forecasting report dedicated to museum professionals. The report is free to download, while focused on the United States, makes the case of why museums are paramount to society.

Specifically, setting five pillars of their contributions to the community:

  1. Education for our children
  2. Livable communities for our elders
  3. Mental health
  4. Emergency response in the face of disasters
  5. A human-centred culture of sustainability

Within the report, you can find the introduction of each pillar, critical questions, challenges and the response from the museums and society, framework for action and examples of museums, as well as resources.

The frameworks for action and examples are applicable universally for museums outside the states with several links to follow and learn more. Furthermore, the report helps advocate for museums presenting very well their relevance and need in society, which are not always appreciated around the world.

We recommend downloading and sharing the document as it has value beyond the museum sector and the USA, at the policy level and for individuals not familiar with museums and their value.

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TrendsWatch: Museums as Community Infrastructure 2022

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