A highly informative handbook: Cultural Relations in the New Normal

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Cultural relations platform published “Cultural Relations in the New Normal” on July 8th 2021, as part of their Alteration programme. The handbook features 17 cases studies broken down into process, results, lessons learned and next steps.

The overall theme is digital and hybrid project models and the place of cultural initiatives in the new normal of the pandemic.

Alteration programme is an online events series for cultural professionals.  Cultural Professionals from Ukraine, Europe and international participated in the events Running April-July 2021. Alteration hosted two cross-sectoral conferences on “how international cultural relations should adapt to the new normal” and five sectoral online events. The events were on music, literature, visual and performing arts and civil society.

Here is our brief handbook overview:


  1. Digital and hybrid model development calls for flexibility in Cultural organisations, adopting the start ups’ approach of experimentation and trial and error.
  2. Enhance good practices sharing, especially for digital and hybrid projects.
  3. Ensure planning and budgeting before starting digital projects.
  4. Balance the on-screen time to allow for breaks.
  5. Participatory and community projects will further grow.


  • Digital and hybrid models will be the norm calling for increased accessibility, inclusivity and professional skill-building.
  • Instigate tailor-made collaboration programmes.
  • Further develop participatory, community, inclusive, ecological and well-being projects.
  • Share stories and experiences.
  • Peer learning and exchange for digital project development and strategy.


Re-Connect Online Performance Festival

The Intercity Live Festival, an online festival to showcase emerging musicians

The Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, online film festival

KulturCafé, a digital platform facilitating bilateral cultural relations

Every Day. Art. Solidarity.Resistance Exhibition. hybrid visual arts exhibition

Dance And  Wellbeing Campaign, an online arts activity campaign

International Picture Book Festival, a hybrid book festival

Museum Without Walls, a digital visual arts exhibition

Digital Labs Project, an online laboratory focused on capacity building and connecting peers

Eastern European Music Academy, an online academy for music professionals

Taking the Stage 2.0, an online theatre residency programme

Artefact: Chornobyl x Madatac, a virtual media art exhibition at an international festival

Woven Network/  Women’s Network, an online visual arts residency

Online Culture  Camp for Youth, an online youth camp

Hatathon: Hack the Culture, an online ideathon

Ukrainian Literature: Rights On!, an online B2B programme for publishers and literary agent

IETM Multi-location 2020, a hybrid sectoral meeting

Read the handbook detailed presentation on how each project came to be and their learning outcomes, as well as a list of more exciting projects to follow.

Furthermore, the publication offers valuable resources to help improve the evolution of digital or hybrid projects on:

  • Tools to organise
  • Digital hybrid projects
  • Networks mapping

Our Take

Cultural Relations in the New Normal is a comprehensive resource with value beyond cultural professionals. Working or participating in events takes place principally online since the pandemic that format will seemingly continue with hybrid events in the future.  Moreover, the projects serve as good-practice initiatives, but most important are fantastic activities to take part in.

Let us know which project was your favourite, and maybe we can join together!

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Download our handbook: Cultural Relations in the New Normal (also attached)

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