Access for ALL: make your museum or activity inclusive!

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‘Access For ALL’ is an organisation from India passionate about making cultural heritage and art inclusive for all. The organisation helps create innovative programs for people with disabilities internationally. They offer services to cultural actors and advocate for equal access to cultural experiences.

In the past years, the cultural sector advanced rapidly in technology, adopting digital methodologies in research, communication and education. As well as looked inwardly, as seen with the new museum definition and inclusivity policies. While these innovations are incredible, access to museums and sites for disadvantaged people is not up to the same speed. (See Heritage Access 2022 below)

Access For ALL offers a variety of services for GLAMS to enable their activities to be accessible and inclusive to all  as:

  • access audits,
  • interpretation & educational activities,
  • inclusive outreach programs,
  • sensitisation & awareness programs,
  • braille-tactile kits,
  • braille books,
  • CSR-based engagement programs.

Moreover, the organisation covers other aspects of cultural management:

  • Community Engagement Initiatives
  • Architectural Exhibition Designing
  • Strategic Management Planning Fund-Raising.

Access For ALL already has projects with National Museum, MSMS II Museum, Mantar Mantar, City Palace Jaipur, DAG Modern and many more cultural actors, earning several awards along the way!

Our take

Access for ALL is an incredible initiative! They provide quality services and have the advantage of operating out of India, helping their country and offering competitive pricing to tolls such as braille-tactile kits.

We feel Access for ALL is a sister organisation to Local Approach, as we both try to give access to heritage to the public, with different methodologies.

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Access for ALL

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**Full disclosure, Siddhant Shah, a Heritage Architect and Access Consultant, and the heart of Access for All, is a fellow MA Heritage Management graduate as our founder**

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