Accessibility and diversity checklist for museums

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The “Accessibility and diversity checklist for Museums” by Culture for All Service and and The Finnish National Committee of ICOM, in effect, is a to-do list for cultural professionals to make a museum accessible to all. The checklist reviews all aspects of accessibility and diversity, aiming to invite and create meaningful experiences for everyone.

The checklist breaks down the document’s importance and use framework, with areas into two groups planning and content work and  customer service:

  1. Strategic work and personnel
  2. Budgeting and procurements (including digital tools)
  3. Exhibition contents, collections and archives
  4. Public programming and audience engagement
  5. Customer service (Staff training, language and communications, service, assistance, assistive devices and accessibility solutions)
  6. Pricing
  7. Communications (Language options and Easy Language, Graphic design, Accessibility information and other central information, information for different senses, exhibition)
  8. Glossary (All the terms you must know)

Our Take

The checklist is an incredible tool for museum professionals to learn about and apply corrective actions promoting diversity and inclusivity.

One of the first things we(Local Approach) pay attention to during our Museum or Heritage visits is the institution’s efforts towards accessibility. The sad reality is that many make no significant effort, meaning an audio guide or QR code and the odd chair here and there does not equal accessibility. We have written several articles on access to heritage, but we are still ways away from the idea to practice. (Partly, this is why we post limited exhibition reviews).

If you are a cultural professional, start today with the checklist!

Everyone has the right to access culture!

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Accessibility and diversity checklist for museums

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