Europeana Digital Storytelling Festival 2023

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Digital Storytelling Festival is an annual event by  Europeana and Heritage Lab, 9-10 May 2023.  The event helps professionals in GLAM to improve their storytelling skills in cultural exploration.

The festival will propose innovative uses for digital tools, invite experts to share their experiences, find examples and network with other storytelling professionals.

This event also will run a residency program for the first time, “Digital Storytelling Festival Online Creative Residency”, with a small group of participants. The group will have mentors, and practical exercises and create content for Euroepeana Pride Month in June 2023. The residency program will start on 23 May to 20 June 2023.

“Welcome and brainstorm for all participants and all mentors: Tuesday 23 May, 2 – 4 CEST 

Format-specific session run by the relevant mentor and attended by the participants following the specific strand 

  •     Animation – Thursday 1 June, 11 – 13 CEST
  •     Writing/creative writing – Wednesday 7 June, 10-12 CEST
  •     Social media – Thursday 8 June, 10-12 CEST

One-to-one session for each participant with their mentor, to be arranged as appropriate within the period: Monday 5 June – Monday 19 June

Review and celebration session for all participants and all mentors: Tuesday 20 June, 2 – 4 CEST”

Our take

Storytelling is perhaps the most powerful tool in communication; people respond to stories more than any other tool. Heritage and Art, inherently, present history and stories, however, we need to learn the means to better tell these stories to promote heritage and engage new audiences. The Digital Storytelling Festival is always a fantastic event to hone these skills and learn from others.

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