Adopt a Monument

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People can now adopt a monument and become its caretakers. Starting in Finland, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum’s initiative encourages people to be active in their community and protect their heritage. 

Volunteers offer to become caretakers of heritage sites in their communities. Meaning they can revisit the site, have events, care for its conservation and share their treasure with the world. Moreover, they work with professionals in the field who help them with the preservation and management of their adopted heritage. While they do not share ownership of the adopted heritage the volunteers are responsible for its management, promotion and assuring its condition.  

The project has rapidly grown in Finland, with implementation in Europe and internationally. In 2016 the project won the Education Training and Awareness-Raising award from Europa Nostra.

Local Approach loves this initiative and is truly one of the best practices for active community involvement. Collaboration between professionals and locals for the future of any heritage is the way forward. Heritage can now be in the heart of the community and each individual while receiving the best professional help.

We think that all communities who have pieces of their heritage they treasure must consider implementing a similar initiative. As well as having the role of caretaker rotate within the community following an agreed-upon management plan. 

 Helsinki Pakila primary school children taking care of the ancient relic they adopted. © Mari Valio / HKM. *

 If you have any heritage management projects that you would like to see on Local Approach, please do share them with us in a comment below.  

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* Source: Adoptoi Monumentti, (Adopt a Monument) page. 

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