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Archaeoinformatics is a website, which in a manner much like Local Approach, offers information, news and reports in the growing field of Archaeoinformatics. Archaeoinformatics describes the connections between archaeology and computer sciences. As they describe it:

“The term combines Computational and Digital Archaeology. Computational Archaeology is concerned with mathematical, data-driven solutions to archaeological research questions. Digital Archaeology is more focussed on visualisation, documentation and preservation. So, Archaeoinformatics is a subdiscipline of Archaeology and offers computational and visual solutions for archaeological problems.”

The site is a valuable resource for professionals in the field seeking to improve their skills or for new ideas. The page offers topics such as  presentation of projects, Archaeogaming, Computational Archaeology, Digital Archaeology and more:

Some of our picks

What is Archaeoinformatics?

10 things to do, if you are interested in studying Archaeoinformatics

Creating a course Pt.1: From idea to layout

Creating a course Pt.2: Course structure

Female leaders in historical games: Some thoughts on Civ II

Archaeological Documentation: manual or digital?

RTI for documenting ceramic sherds

Site Catchment Analysis – A scripted PyQGIS solution

Combining SfM, RTI and MBI

Our take:

Archaeoinformatics is an excellent website to learn and explore the field with posts that are free to read and thorough. We recommend adding Archaeoinformatics to your toolkit!

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