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Be.CULTOUR launched a series of 9 webinars centred on offering a comprehensive understanding of circular tourism and sustainable practices for cultural experiences. The first webinar was on 24 February 2023 (do not worry if you missed it! There is a recording available), with the series continuing until December 2023.

The webinars offer experts’ experiences from the field and strive to demonstrate how the audience can implement innovative practices specific to their context.

The webinars:

1 The role of Heritage Innovation Networks for co-creation and communities empowerment

Stakeholder engagement and bringing forth local knowledge and cultural resources; as a driver for local development, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

24 February 2023

2 Understanding the European value of cultural heritage: Power of networks

Opportunities and challenges of network operators through practical examples and guidelines towards circular tourism.

24 March 2023

3 Innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism

Circular tourism views from academia, policy and business; definition of “innovative solutions for circular cultural tourism” and methods to engage and co-create with local communities along with examples.

21 April 2023

4 Values-based innovative marketing for less-known cultural tourism destinations

Sustainability becomes a priority for tourists and sites alike. Smaller destinations have the opportunity to offer creative and sustainable cultural experiences to visitors. The webinar will offer international examples and practical advice to develop touristic proposals.

4 May 2023

5 Community-led and innovative entrepreneurship for circular cultural tourism

Case studies reflecting challenges and opportunities of participatory practice of community-led entrepreneurship.

23 June 2023

6 Creative tourism and the role of arts, interpretation and storytelling

The webinar explores creative tourism initiatives involving community, artists, and stakeholders in co-creation strategies for cultural-led change in destinations. It highlights the importance of storytelling, art-based practices, and contemporary interpretation of cultural heritage for sustainable development, particularly in less-known places.

15 September 2023


What is ‘circular cultural tourism’ and how can it contribute to sustainable regional development in Europe?

The online event, hosted by ICLEI Europe in collaboration with ERRIN and CNR, will discuss the potential of cultural heritage in driving circular tourism. It aims to provide insights on Tourism Transition Pathways and local cultural assets for sustainable tourism strategies, focusing on the Be.CULTOUR project, a Horizon Europe project promoting a human-centered and circular economy.

5 October 2023

8 Innovative finance for circular cultural tourism

The webinar will discuss innovative investment models for circular cultural tourism, promoting social and community-led entrepreneurship through sustainable impact-based finance. It will showcase the Pledge Fund hybrid model and project development assistance instrument, highlighting circular investment programs for tourism, culture, and heritage regeneration.

November 2023

9 Smart data management for circular cultural tourism assessment and monitoring

December 2023

Our take

Be.CULTOUR project is close to our heart, which we presented in our article in 2022, as they promote participatory and community-driven practices. The new webinar initiative is an incredible way to share the information gathered by the project and invite experts in order to have a complete picture of circular cultural tourism, along with implementation methods and ideas ready for new projects to spring up across Europe and inspire others internationally.

We participate in most of the events, and they bring quality expertise and innovative examples!

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