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Our Collections Matter More is a new workshop by ICCROM for people working with collections aiming to realise the potential of collections and aid sustainable development. Applications are open until 17 March 2023.

The workshop: Making Our Collections Matter More

The workshop centres around using Our Collections Matter Toolkit to identify challenges in a participant’s collections. The workshop will invite 30 participants from diverse collections-based organisations to bi-monthly online workshops.


Our Collections Matter launched in 2020 in favour of popularising sustainable development practices. Collections, online, private, and local, serve as pillars for society and have several roles, at the same time, collection management often involves resource consumption and ways. The initiative works with the UN 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs), introducing them to cultural institutions and promoting the toolkit’s use.

The toolkit

The toolkit offers 3 areas:

  • 5Ps (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership)
  • Actions (Holistic presentation of action options around heritage management)
  • The SDGs

According to your needs, you can click on a selected item which will guide you to publications relevant to your query.

While the initial “encounter” with the toolkit may seem strange if you are not familiar with the 2030 agenda and the SDGs, otherwise the presentation of information is effortless. Some publications cross over different disciplines and will appear depending on the position and particular need you have in your use of the toolkit.

Our take

The toolkit and the workshops are a great way for ICCROM to familiarise the cultural sector with sustainable development and provide key action items to formulate their strategies on a variety of topics in heritage management and with different options of approach.

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