CHERISH: Climate Change & Coastal Heritage

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CHERISH (Climate, Heritage and Environments of Reefs, Islands, and Headlands)is an EU-funded project on Ireland-Wales. CHERISH is cross-disciplinary to raise awareness and understand the effects of climate change on coastal heritage.


  • Developing joint good practice guidance
  • Permanent network of ‘local change’ fixed survey markers
  • Enhanced historic environment data inventory
  • Enhanced palaeo-environmental data Inventory
  • Seamless onshore/offshore 3D models
  • Training the citizen scientist
  • Community excavations on heritage assets at risk
  • Open access shared web portal
  • Landowner management plans

CHERISH offers multiple good practice toolkits and a guide to accessing them: “Sharing our Practice: Investigating Heritage and Climate Change in Coastal and Maritime Environments”. Within the guide are 15 monitoring approaches employed during the 2017 to 2023 period working on understanding the past to extrapolate the future impacts of climate change on heritage. The approaches also have an overview and analysis from standardised criteria and case studies. The toolkit visually presents the approaches to help users in the decision-making process, as well as, two case studies using the toolkit. There is also advice on how to do:

Furthermore, CHERISH has a strong community engagement side with several participatory projects such as CHERISH Caerfai DigClub, with 16 teens and their families participating in excavation, walks, visits, tours and more!

Our take

CHERISH stands out of several European projects and Climate Change efforts through their continuous endeavours to inform, make accessible methodology and engage the public in the documentation and protection of coastal heritage. Their toolkits are comprehensive and yet easy to read!

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Sharing our Practice: Investigating Heritage and Climate Change in Coastal and Maritime Environments (also attached)


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