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CUBUS games offer interactive learning experiences through gamification. They have created several phone application games in the learning sphere, including history and cultural heritage.

Gamification is increasingly adopted as a valuable educational tool in formal and non-formal education. Over the past years, we find more and more examples of cultural institutions engaging in these practices for memorable and interactive experiences.

DIGITART: AR exhibition in the city

The Game of Thrones of Anoia (Barcelona): explore the conservation efforts and history


BIODIVERSITAT: a Minecraft world for the  “Museu de les Aigües”, with the aim to tackle climate change and help biodiversity

Balkeuni, Amusic and the Patera del Lop: Online cooperative game exploring the Iberians, uncovering their culture as you go along, applicable at home or in the classroom. The game emphasises teamwork requiring you to connect and chat with your teammates.


L’illa dels Tresors: (Our pick) The game uses geolocation to show content to discover Majorca through a magical map and begin your treasure hunt! If you would like, there is a map available to explore.

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Our take

CUBUS games present us with a diverse range of gamified experiences, both in content and playstyle. They are a member of the Open Gamification Code of Ethics, assuring the quality of their products. CUBUS emphasises narrative experiences through interactive storytelling. Their variety includes different technologies depending on the “story’s” needs. As gamification and technology continue to grow, we hope to see more innovative and equally compelling titles coming up!

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