Cultural heritage now on the green agenda: European Cultural Heritage Green Paper

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European Cultural Heritage Green Paper proposes actions for cultural heritage integration into the European Green Deal framework.


Europa Nostra


Climate Heritage Network

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European Investment Bank Institute, work together with one goal.


European Cultural Heritage Green Paper “Putting Europe’s shared heritage at the heart of the European Green Deal” was launched this week with an online webinar. The document incorporates heritage policy and actions into the priorities and recommendations of the European Green Deal.

The European Green Deal is the coordinated effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 for all places, including:

  • “boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy
  • restore biodiversity and cut pollution
  • investing in environmentally-friendly technologies
  • supporting industry to innovate
  • rolling out cleaner, cheaper and healthier forms of private and public transport
  • decarbonising the energy sector
  • ensuring buildings are more energy efficient
  • working with international partners to improve global environmental standards.”

By their nature, actions concerning cultural heritage already fall in line with the Green Deal philosophy and steps. Overall, heritage integration was not present in the policy of this and similar initiatives such as Smart City (see our related article).  The European Cultural Heritage Green Paper now changed this view.


The paper presents several recommendations on the policy and operations of cultural heritage towards sustainability. Heritage management strongly features research and educational activities that can advance the green agenda by:

Heritage Conservation: through the renovation of historic buildings for energy efficiency, such as decarbonising heating and cooling methods, and reuse existing buildings.

Education: link heritage skills and values into conservation and care through financing local training programs on heritage conservation and renewable energy applications for the local pool of educators, craftsmen, artists etc. Effectuate reacquaintance of traditional skills and craftsmanship, especially using locally sourced materials and traditions.

Technology: increasing digital services.

The paper brings forth several more recommendations and case studies.

We were very excited to view the launch on 22 March and cannot wait to see the impact on heritage management practices and society.  We recommend having a look at the advanced draft released this March or watch the launch video.

I want to learn more:

European Cultural Heritage Green Paper – Full Paper (ADVANCED DRAFT MARCH 2021)

Putting Europe’s shared heritage at the heart of the European Green Deal, Europa-Nostra

Watch here: The Launch Webinar of the European Cultural Heritage Green Paper (22/3/21)

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