Curated Reading List: April 2023

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April was a crazy month with articles, news, webinars and resources everywhere! We did our best to collect the most intriguing pieces and put them in order!

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Heritage Management

Revealed: the top 20 most popular art museums on social media in 2023 

How to give attribution 


A New High-Speed Train Connecting Rome and Pompeii Aims to Bolster Tourism (Does anyone else remember a time when we were saying Pompeii suffers from over tourism? Or when there were thoughts of reburying it for conservation?-Just me? Oh okay then)

Van Gogh’s thwarted dream: a painting by the artist blocked from display in a French café (CONTEXT: that is where he died)

Russian troops again fired at an art museum in Kherson, causing damage. No one was injured. 

Lost Cities of the Amazon Discovered From the Air 

Underwater Nabataean temple discovered in major archaeological find in Italy 

Latin America countries demand France return pre-Columbian era artefacts 

These Robot Dogs Are Learning to Paint. Soon, You Can Watch Them Work 

Italian Land Artist Creates ‘World’s Largest’ Picasso Portrait 

Take a Virtual Tour of the ‘Doomsday’ Seed Vault 

Museums mark Earth Day with digital artwork inspired by animals in museum collections 

Enfin des chiffres (relatifs) sur l’industrie des expositions  

The curtain rises: London’s Museum of Shakespeare opens in 2024 on the site of a long-hidden theatre 

Texas-Born Princess Evicted from Villa in Rome with Ceiling Painted by Caravaggio 

Interesting Reads

Clues to the Lives of North America’s First Inhabitants Are Hidden Underwater 

Plato: The Name and The Poet 

After 13 Years Underwater, Lost Digital Camera Photos Reunited With Owner 

How Occultism Was a Catalyst for Avant-Garde Art 

What’s the Best Way to Dry Wet Art? 


Interpreting Transgender Stories in Museums and Cultural Heritage Institutions 

Is my project ready? 


Assassin’s Creed in the Classroom: History’s Playground or A Stab in the Dark? 


Understanding the mechanics and consumer risks associated with play-to-earn (P2E) gaming


Europeana Translate Event – How machine translation & multilingual access impacts cultural heritage 

“International Conference  on Cultural Tourism Advances” 

Accreditation mentors – Spectrum 5.1 and rethinking cataloguing 

Museums+Heritage Show 

Register to a NEMO Webinar on cross-border cooperation and EU funding for museums 

Choosing collections software 


this is a test addition to the list

Call for proposals – Building the European Collaborative Cloud for Cultural Heritage 

CISRUL PhD Studentships to start in October 2023 

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