Curated Reading List: August 2023

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August was another quite interesting month for the art and heritage world, unfortunately the consistent theme seems to be 1000 and 1 ways to steal from a museum (sic) *check the as promised*. Learn more about that and more exciting topics below:

Heritage Management

The Complexity of Post-colonial Heritage and Tourism 

Digitising crafts to preserve cultural heritage 

How Museums are using Augmented Reality

New augmented reality app turns objects at the Metropolitan Museum into digital gaming accessories 

In the Artworld, There’s a Price for Everything

Guggenheim Museum to Raise Admission to $30, Becoming One of the Most Expensive Institutions in the US


Archaeologists Discover Entrance to the Zapotec Underworld Beneath a Church in Mexico 

42-Foot-Long Ancient Roman Ship Uncovered by Miners in Serbia 

Why King Khufu’s Solar Boat Is on the Move After 4,600 Years 

Scottish museum returns totem pole to Nisga’a nation 

We need to talk about Venice:

What took you so long? Unesco will ask for Venice to be added to the Endangered Heritage Sites list 

Venice Recommended for UNESCO’s Endangered Site List 

Collector David Walsh’s subterranean Mona museum expanding to house ‘dream library’

blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2023 judges revealed


In Seoul, a Major Player Surveys the City’s Changing Scene Ahead of Frieze 

as promised

Swiss court sentences former museum cashier for embezzling more than $1m 

Fondation Beyeler Clerk Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Stealing Over $1 Million at Ticket Counter 

FR Le Musée d’art Roger-Quilliot de Clermont-Ferrand cambriolé 

What is up with the British Museum

And more…unfortunately… 

‘More than 1,500’ artefacts were stolen from British Museum, internal investigation reportedly reveals 

‘It’s time to publish the British Museum’s list of stolen items’ 

Get your own art detective! My simple solution for the British Museum fiasco 

The Parthenon marbles…(per usual)

Parthenon Sculptures: Pressure growing on British Museum

Parthenon Marbles deal still on the table despite British Museum theft scandal


ALIPH Annual Report 2022 

Literature Collection Database

Report on protecting Ukrainian cultural heritage 


Changing Climate Management Strategies 

Adopt A Monument Conference 

National Heritage Week: Developing Your Event Or Project

Japanese Perspectives in 3D Cultural Heritage Documentation 

3rd DARIAH-HR International Conference “Digital Humanities & Heritage” 


Call for Papers – ICOM UK Student & Emerging Professionals Conference, online, 7 December 2023 

Government cash available to grow creative businesses 

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