Curated Reading List: December 2021

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We hope you had a great holiday break and are ready to start 2022 with good health and passion for heritage! Here are our picks from last month we hope you enjoy them:

2022 in new museum openings, re-openings and partial re-openings

How the Smithsonian Protects Cultural Heritage Around the World

Our top stories of 2021 – International Council of Museums

Unearthing Prehistoric Treasures From the Permafrost

McDonald’s blocked from building drive-through at Rome’s ancient Baths of Caracalla

Restored Big Ben to bong again at midnight to bring in new year

What will 2022 hold for the museums sector? – Museums + Heritage Advisor

Researchers train AI to attribute paintings based on detailed brushstroke analysis

Louvre’s attendance last year dropped to 1986 levels

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