Curated Reading List: January 2021

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One month down for 2021!One month down for 2021! Your Curated Reading List for January is here, check them out and send us which article was your favourite.

Commission sets up a Centre for digital preservation of cultural heritage and launches projects supporting digital innovation in schools. Read Article here.

What Is the Future of Museums? 7 Predictions From Max Hollein, Koyo Kouoh, Anne Pasternak, and Other Top Curators and Directors. Read Article here.

Freed From the Shackles of Copyright, These Dazzling Artworks From 1925 Are Finally in the Public Domain. Read Article here.

In the battle against antiquities trafficking, Germany develops app to identify looted cultural heritage. Read Article here.

From lockdowns to looting: how Covid-19 has taken a toll on world’s threatened heritage sites. Read Article here.

Preserving Egypt’s Layered History

How the American Research Center in Egypt is conserving stories of the past. Read Article here.

See you all in February!

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